Weight loss tips essential for every fat burner

Drink water especially before meals. This boosts metabolism by uupo 20% for a hour or 2.  Do this preferably half an hour before your meals

 Cutback Added sugar It is proved that sugar increases the risk of obesity  and diseases such as type 2 diabetes .

■ Brushing Tooth at Night  I dont have any awaremess on this but many suggest this (just to avoid late night snacks and junks I think )

 Lift weights The worst part of dieting is that it causes muscle loss and slows downs metabolism . i.e., it switches your body to starvation mode. So you need to do some excercise to retain the precious muscle mass.

 Eat vegetables and fruits Containing low callodie but a lot of fibre, these foods fill your stomach without gaining calories.

■  Chew slowly Chewimg slowly helps you crush things better allowing a better digestion and better usage of food you eat . Making the body need less amount of food as u get  the same energy by better chewing.

Kudos . That was Jaggy for you .


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