The speed of DARKNESS 

Today, “speed of dark,” is something  we all are wondering about, and for that matter, the scientific nature of “speed” and “darkness.” 

speed of light , one of the most important constants in physics was first measured by Olaus Roemer, in the late  17th century . Albert Einstein was the one who concluded that speed of light (299792458 metres per second  to be exact), is the critical speed of the universe. His laws also state that motion is relative , which means lights wicked double : Darkness does possess a speed
Now that we want to know about it, scientists say that it would be the speed of light as is or an absolute zero, It all depends on your perspective. Considering you are some falling into darkness i.e, the black whole , then the speed of darkness would be absolutely the speed of light , if u are some one in a frame unaffected bb the blackbody’s gravity field it would seem to be zero. This is all due to gravity time relation which makes the clock tick tock slower in the gravitational fields .

In an another  way ,  it can be expalined as negative  of speed  at which light erases darkness, which would mark it as the speed of light itelf in the opposite direction .



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