5 Easy tips to clean your desktop 

Do you really need old paperwork, junk and all that mess on your desk? It’s national clean your desk day and your chance to get yourself organised and clear out the garbage piled up on your desk once and for all. Studies show that regular cleaning of your work space can reduce the spreading of germs.

Here are 6 easy tips to maintain an organized desk system –
1) Start by removing everything; absolutely EVERYTHING from your desk. Then start putting everything back in order of importance.
2)Make 2 sections, to be kept and to be discarded. Arrange   papers/files by their usage level. 

For example : Active projects come first and the rest follow. This will help you find your documents easily.
3) Separate things you want to take home from those that will stay in office.If you have pots and planters on your desk, make sure they rest on a dish or a proper holder so that the water and mud does not spill over.

4) Clean your gadgets and electronics once in a week. Make use of electronic wipes or microfiber screen cleaners. Heavily used electronics like keyboard, mouse and phone when left uncleaned lead to the spread of germs.

Use microfiber cloth or dusters to clean off all the dirt and grime accumulated on your desk over the years.

6) And lastly assign a place for each of your belongings and put them back in their designated places. Henceforth remember to put them back in their place as soon as you finish using them.


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