Weight loss tips essential for every fat burner

Drink water especially before meals. This boosts metabolism by uupo 20% for a hour or 2.  Do this preferably half an hour before your meals

 Cutback Added sugar It is proved that sugar increases the risk of obesity  and diseases such as type 2 diabetes .

■ Brushing Tooth at Night  I dont have any awaremess on this but many suggest this (just to avoid late night snacks and junks I think )

 Lift weights The worst part of dieting is that it causes muscle loss and slows downs metabolism . i.e., it switches your body to starvation mode. So you need to do some excercise to retain the precious muscle mass.

 Eat vegetables and fruits Containing low callodie but a lot of fibre, these foods fill your stomach without gaining calories.

■  Chew slowly Chewimg slowly helps you crush things better allowing a better digestion and better usage of food you eat . Making the body need less amount of food as u get  the same energy by better chewing.

Kudos . That was Jaggy for you .


5 Easy tips to clean your desktop 

Do you really need old paperwork, junk and all that mess on your desk? It’s national clean your desk day and your chance to get yourself organised and clear out the garbage piled up on your desk once and for all. Studies show that regular cleaning of your work space can reduce the spreading of germs.

Here are 6 easy tips to maintain an organized desk system –
1) Start by removing everything; absolutely EVERYTHING from your desk. Then start putting everything back in order of importance.
2)Make 2 sections, to be kept and to be discarded. Arrange   papers/files by their usage level. 

For example : Active projects come first and the rest follow. This will help you find your documents easily.
3) Separate things you want to take home from those that will stay in office.If you have pots and planters on your desk, make sure they rest on a dish or a proper holder so that the water and mud does not spill over.

4) Clean your gadgets and electronics once in a week. Make use of electronic wipes or microfiber screen cleaners. Heavily used electronics like keyboard, mouse and phone when left uncleaned lead to the spread of germs.

Use microfiber cloth or dusters to clean off all the dirt and grime accumulated on your desk over the years.

6) And lastly assign a place for each of your belongings and put them back in their designated places. Henceforth remember to put them back in their place as soon as you finish using them.

The speed of DARKNESS 

Today, “speed of dark,” is something  we all are wondering about, and for that matter, the scientific nature of “speed” and “darkness.” 

speed of light , one of the most important constants in physics was first measured by Olaus Roemer, in the late  17th century . Albert Einstein was the one who concluded that speed of light (299792458 metres per second  to be exact), is the critical speed of the universe. His laws also state that motion is relative , which means lights wicked double : Darkness does possess a speed
Now that we want to know about it, scientists say that it would be the speed of light as is or an absolute zero, It all depends on your perspective. Considering you are some falling into darkness i.e, the black whole , then the speed of darkness would be absolutely the speed of light , if u are some one in a frame unaffected bb the blackbody’s gravity field it would seem to be zero. This is all due to gravity time relation which makes the clock tick tock slower in the gravitational fields .

In an another  way ,  it can be expalined as negative  of speed  at which light erases darkness, which would mark it as the speed of light itelf in the opposite direction .


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